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Blog closed down as too critical of Algeciras government


(Agencies) Limón Amargo (‘Bitter Lemon’), a blog run by a former Partido Andalucista (PA) candidate to the mayorship of Algeciras, Leandro Castelló, was closed down recently by the owner of the domain, Castelló himself, because it allegedly contained insults and slanders against the governing PSOE party. Several members of the Council have started legal proceedings.> Read the rest of this entry »


Spain’s judges out on strike on Friday


Spanish judges are going out on strike on October 8th, this time with the support of the main ‘union’, the Asociación Profesional de la Magistratura (APM), which represents the majority of magistrates in the country and did not support a strike held last February.> Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland says YES to EU treaty

IrelandTreaty2(BBC) Vote counting is under way after the Republic of Ireland’s crucial second referendum on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty. Early returns are showing clear majorities for the “Yes” campaign – just 18 months after voters rejected the treaty in the first referendum.> Read the rest of this entry »

Lorry carrying 4000 litres of liquid propane overturns in Gaucín

camion_volcado_gaucin(Agencies) A lorry carrying 4000 litres of liquid propane overturned on Tuesday on the MA-9300 road down to El Colmenar. Special emergency units had to be called in to deal with the propane. > Read the rest of this entry »

La Línea mayor resigns ‘immediately’

JuanCarlosJuárez_LosBarrios(Agencies) Mayor Juan Carlos Suárez (photo: DiarioSur) of La Línea announced this morning that he is resigning ‘as of now’ because he has been barred from public office for six months’ by the Provincial Court as a result of the Palex financial scandal, whereby he was accused and found guilty of ignoring court orders regarding payments for a hemodialysis service that go back to 1994.

€240 million for Campo de Gibraltar

PresupuestoGeneral(Agencies) The Budget for 2010, presented on Monday in Madrid by Elena Salgado, Second Vice-President and Minister for Economy (photo), and subject to much negotiation, includes a total of €239,930,290 for the Campo de Gibraltar. Most of the money (58%, or €140,824,000) would be scheduled for the Algeciras Port Authority. And most of that (€73,461,000) is destined for a new container terminal at Isla Verde.> Read the rest of this entry »

Earthquake in Castellar?

AlcázarCastillo(La Voz Digital) The National Geographic Institute reported an earthquake with its epicentre in Castellar de la Frontera at 00.48 yesterday morning. The movement was registered at 1.7 on the Richter scale and there is no report of anybody feeling it.> Read the rest of this entry »