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Blog closed down as too critical of Algeciras government


(Agencies) Limón Amargo (‘Bitter Lemon’), a blog run by a former Partido Andalucista (PA) candidate to the mayorship of Algeciras, Leandro Castelló, was closed down recently by the owner of the domain, Castelló himself, because it allegedly contained insults and slanders against the governing PSOE party. Several members of the Council have started legal proceedings.> Read the rest of this entry »


€240 million for Campo de Gibraltar

PresupuestoGeneral(Agencies) The Budget for 2010, presented on Monday in Madrid by Elena Salgado, Second Vice-President and Minister for Economy (photo), and subject to much negotiation, includes a total of €239,930,290 for the Campo de Gibraltar. Most of the money (58%, or €140,824,000) would be scheduled for the Algeciras Port Authority. And most of that (€73,461,000) is destined for a new container terminal at Isla Verde.> Read the rest of this entry »

Algeciras-Madrid train service to be suspended for at least three months

IMG_8428.jpg(Agencies) The Algeciras-Madrid-Algeciras train line is to be suspended for at least three months because the track between Algeciras and Bobadilla is being replaced, acording to Renfe. An alternative bus service linking Algeciras with Málaga, Ronda and/or Bobadilla will be set up. There is no firm date as to when work is to begin, but it will probably be on or around the 25th or 26th of next month.> Read the rest of this entry »

Is Jimena’s phallic symbol a victim of the Red Palm Weevil?

PICT0003(Children, cover your eyes. Photo by JimenaPulse) In October last year we published an item about the Red Palm Weevil, which elicited no response from the Council or anyone else, except an alarmed reader who tried to report the matter without success. Now it turns out Castellar has had to contract a specialist to eradicate the picudo rojo from its palm trees. We wonder if Jimena will have to do the same before it’s too late to save all the (expensive) new palms being planted.> Read the rest of this entry »

Algeciras courts paralized for ‘lack’ of taxis

Taxi(Agencies) Algeciras court documents and notifications are not reaching their destinations because the Junta’s Council for Justice has put a stop to employees using taxis to deliver citations and summonses. The Dean of Judges in Algeciras, Jesús Madroñal, says that public transport “does not reach most of the places [these documents] have to be delivered to.” Meanwhile, news is that some 100 embargo notifications plus many other legal documents are piling up at the courts awaiting delivery while the problem is resolved.

Junta invests €1,129,000 in secondary schools for 2009/10, but where?

Copy-of-PICT0008.jpg(EuropaSur) The Junta de Andalucía’s Education Council says it has invested €1,129,000 in improvements to Campo de Gibraltar secondary schools for the 2009/2010 year. However, most of them are not immediately apparent. Such is the case of the Instituto Hozgarganta in Jimena (photo), with over 400 students and expansion work that was promised seven years ago (See related item here and yesterday’s item on overcrowded classrooms). The  Provincial Education Delegation admits the work is incomplete. Read the rest of this entry »

Algeciras – Gibraltar ferry to cost up to 3 times as much as others

bahía_de_algeciras(Agencies) A ride on the ferry that will offer an Algeciras-Gibraltar-Algeciras service from October 15th will cost three times the price for a similar trip from Cadiz to Puerto de Santa María, according to the operating company, Transcoma. Read the rest of this entry »