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Blog closed down as too critical of Algeciras government


(Agencies) Limón Amargo (‘Bitter Lemon’), a blog run by a former Partido Andalucista (PA) candidate to the mayorship of Algeciras, Leandro Castelló, was closed down recently by the owner of the domain, Castelló himself, because it allegedly contained insults and slanders against the governing PSOE party. Several members of the Council have started legal proceedings.>Castelló aknowledges that he is indeed the owner of the domain but says that most of the criticism came from comments it received from readers; “only three people”.
The statements going to court allege that insults and slanders were aimed not only at Council members but also at municipal workers. Speaking for the PSOE, Diego Sánchez Rull and Isabel Beneroso said their party would defend the municipal employees.
The judge at Court Nº1 in Algeciras directed the Guardia Civil’s Judicial Police to investigate the ownership of the blog, who found through the blog’s IP address that Leandro Castelló was the owner. The site, now closed, said in its presentation that it was ‘apolitical’ and had no party affiliations.
Limón Amargo, which started in November 2008, was well known for its hard criticism of Algeciras Council but, according to Castelló, was “entirely a personal initiative” and local PA secretary José María España explains that his party “has nothing to do with this blog” and would make no further statements about it.


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