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La Línea British boy runs into Gibraltar after knifing stepfather

Rock_of_Gibraltar_from_the_Spanish_side (Agencies) A 17 year old British boy was arrested in La Línea last week for allegedly knifing his stepfather with a kitchen knife. The boy, whose name has not been given, sought refuge in Gibraltar after the event, but later gave himself up to police in La Línea.>The supposed knifing took place after 11pm, when police were advised there was an injured man on the corner of San Pablo and Paseo de la Velada streets. It was revealed that an argument had ensued between the man and his partner, the boy’s mother, all British.

Apparently the boy crossed the border into Gibraltar shortly afterwards. Later the Spanish police received word that the boy wanted to give himself up, and proceeded top detain him when he crossed the border into La Línea again.

The stepfather was taken to hospital in La Línea and later transferred to the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba, where he is reportedly ‘in serious condition but not life threatened’.


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