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Jimena Flamenco School extends registration date

Flamenco Dancer II

(Press release) Registration for the Municipal Flamenco School, announced here last week, has extended registration by a day. The list was supposed to be closed today but given the large amount of interest, the Council’s Culture Department decided to extend the deadline until 3pm tomorrow. See details on link.


‘Celestial Voices’ benefit concert on October 16


A benefit concert for the Prodean animal shelter in La Línea will be held on Friday, October 16 at 9.30pm. The venue is the magnificent Hotel Monasterio de San Martín in Montenegral, close to San Martín del Tesorillo. Sponsored by Sotogrande Women and Anglo Wines. You can find out a lot more, including how to get there and details of the singers, here. Click on pic to enlarge.

Video response to Real Recycling item

You may not have seen this in the Comments on our item of last week, so here it is with the following comment from CraftyPip: “If one morning you hear strange sounds coming up the plug hole, and its not little green men and you haven´t been on the wacky backy or had one too many sherberts, then it could well be someone playing the drums on your drain pipes.
The following link is a response to your band of very talented drummers. The Blue Man Group are well known for their utilisation of plastic drainpipes and other items in their world renown concerts….this is only the drain pipes…”

Real recycling, by Mayumaná

This is what happens when you leave your wheelie bin out at night, or someone throws out a tire rim: a whole bunch of very fit young people … Nah, it’s that fabulous Israeli percussion dance group Mayumaná (that now includes 5 Spaniards among many other nationalities), whose last concert in Málaga tonight our colleague Ricardo (a.k.a. TioJimeno) has announced he is attending. We only put it up out of a very deep sense of envy – but we really, honestly hope he, family and friends enjoy it. ¡Que lo paséis bien, gente!

DOUBLE READERS’ CHOICE: Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin, José Feliciano

It seems our readers like strings. We’ve had Ann Sophie Mutter (violin, and TioJimeno’s choice anyway), Pink Floyd and Dueling Banjos so far. And here’s another one: Carlos Santana ‘Samba Pa’ Ti’ Live in Zgreb, Croatia, 1998. Thanks, Pat, it’s great, and one of Prospero’s favourites. All you have to do is e-mail us the link to your favourite YouTube movie, and Bob’s everyone’s uncle (we don’t know who this Bob is, do you?).

But it was a difficult choice, especially because this next one came in this morning, also featuring Santana, together with José Feliciano and Ricky Martin in a classic: ‘Light my Fire’, plus a bit of ‘Oye Como Va’ at the end: get’s your feet tapping, for sure. ¡Muchas gracias, Tobi! (By the way, we’re getting more selections from our Spanish readers now, so get your YouTube act together, expats!)


Several choices this week, but we needed a good laugh so we chose this one from master comedian/musician Victor Borge, that inventive Danish Count. It came in from Cheney L., who lives outside Gaucín and follows us regularly, apparently (thanks for that!). It’s also a good segueway for tonight’s (serious) piano recital by Natasha Kushaeva. As another comedian/singer, Dean Martin, used to say, “Keep those letters coming, folks.”

READERS’ CHOICE: Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye

Now here’s a real oldie from two masters of improvisation, the great Louis Armstrong and the unique Danny Kaye: ‘When the Saints go Marchin’ In’. They don’t make ’em like this any more, do they? Thanks to skL (?), for this week’s choice. We asked for Jazz and that’s what we got. There is nothing to do but tap your feet, do a quiet imitation of Satchmo where nobody hears you, and enjoy!

(We’ll soon be putting up a separate page with all the Readers’ Choices, so keep an eye on the widget on the right sidebar. In the meantime, you can click on the Readers’ Choice category below. And by the way, this doesn’t have to be only about music. Magic tricks, comedy, commercials, etc. are fine; violence, sex, war games, etc. are not.)