About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Baelo Claudia dig comes to an end


(Agencies) Archaeological activity at the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, in Bolonia (Tarifa), have come to a fruitful end. Students from the Universities of Alicante and Cádiz have been cleaning up some of the older digs carried out by Pierre Paris and George Bonsor between 1917 and 1921. As a result, the burial sites discovered back then have now been exposed and a more conclusive plan of the site developed.> Read the rest of this entry »


‘Celestial Voices’ benefit concert on October 16


A benefit concert for the Prodean animal shelter in La Línea will be held on Friday, October 16 at 9.30pm. The venue is the magnificent Hotel Monasterio de San Martín in Montenegral, close to San Martín del Tesorillo. Sponsored by Sotogrande Women and Anglo Wines. You can find out a lot more, including how to get there and details of the singers, here. Click on pic to enlarge.

Still tweaking, only one monkey at work.

monkey on computerThere’s only one monkey at work tweaking the site. (PAY PEANUTS, GET MONKEYS, right?). Our apologies for any inconvenience. (Your comments on things so far would be much appreciated.)

Fancy a swim, then?

Estrecho de Gibraltar

A 75 year old German recently beat the record as the oldest person to swim across the Straits of Gibraltar, and another has crossed it for the eighth time, according to Asociación de Cruce a Nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar (ACNEG).> Read the rest of this entry »

Bull shot dead in Marbella, injured three women

A bull got loose in Marbella on Monday when it was being transferred to a lorry for transportation elsewhere. The animal caused chaos in the streets and had to be shot fifteen times by the Local Police before it was killed. An elderly woman, 72, had to be taken to hospital with severe injuries, whikle another two were attended to at the inicident site.


(TioJimeno) This is the state of the entrance to Marchenilla, less than two kilometres from the Punto Limpio recycling centre and a spot the rubbish lorries pass several times a day. Pathetic!

Holidays in Jimena