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Jimena Flamenco School extends registration date

Flamenco Dancer II

(Press release) Registration for the Municipal Flamenco School, announced here last week, has extended registration by a day. The list was supposed to be closed today but given the large amount of interest, the Council’s Culture Department decided to extend the deadline until 3pm tomorrow. See details on link.


Lucía Álvarez Howard to direct Municipal Flamenco School

Lucía+ 029-1(Press release) Lucía Álvarez ‘La Piñona’ is to direct this year’s course at the Municipal Flamenco School, which re-opens after a year’s absence. Councillor Juan José Rondón also annouced that registration for the school will be open from October 1 to 8 at> Read the rest of this entry »

Music Festival: Chekara Orchestra of Tetouan

This is the Chekara Orchestra of Tetouan, who put together the music of Morocco with Spanish Flamenco to make an amalgam of sounds with common roots. They are performing on Friday, July 3, at 10.30 at Plaza de la Constitución (main square), for free.


Actuación_Peña_Cartel The Flamenco Society of Jimena (or Peña Flamenca de Jimena) has organized a tribute to Dolores Jiménez ‘Niña de la Puebla’ (1908-2008), one of the genre’s foremost artists, on the centenary of her birth. On stage on Friday, November 14th, at 10pm will be Yolanda Osuna and her dance group. The event, part of the Flamenco Circuit 2008, is aimed at promoting and increasing membership of the society (it’s only €3.50 per month!).


balcon_flamenco_baf_la_estacion_1 Following on a series of successful events throughout the year, Café-Restaurante ‘La Estación’, at the railway station in San Pablo, is putting on a flamenco singing, dancing and guitar playing show this coming Saturday, September 13th, from 10.30pm. It is advisable to have an early-ish dinner and enjoy the show with post-prandial coffee and brandy. You can book a table at 956 642 244, which is recommended, as this is one of the area’s most popular spots. The show is by Balcón Flamenco (photo), who have an international reputation, having performed in such distant places as Ecuador, Sydney, Lebanon, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Paris, London, Dubai, the Emirates and, naturally, at festivals and events all over Spain.