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€240 million for Campo de Gibraltar

PresupuestoGeneral(Agencies) The Budget for 2010, presented on Monday in Madrid by Elena Salgado, Second Vice-President and Minister for Economy (photo), and subject to much negotiation, includes a total of €239,930,290 for the Campo de Gibraltar. Most of the money (58%, or €140,824,000) would be scheduled for the Algeciras Port Authority. And most of that (€73,461,000) is destined for a new container terminal at Isla Verde.> Read the rest of this entry »


Gone phishing… banks warn of more e-mail cons

Phishing(SurInEnglish) The subject of the new email is attractive: “Banesto organises prize draw”. Click to find out more and you come across a text in Spanish, but full of spelling mistakes, though not necessarily explaining that the bank invites you to take part in a prize draw as a reward for being such a good client. “All you have to do is identify yourself with your user name and password and you could win a car, a motorbike or 10 prizes worth 1000 euros. Don’t miss this opportunity. Identify yourself here”.> Read the rest of this entry »

Tax rebate scam, yet another one

Fraude_online (Sur in English) Unsuspecting net users may have been forgiven for thinking that Christmas had come early. In their inboxes they discovered an email, purporting to be from the Tax office, which informed them that they were due a rebate and asked for their bank account details to enable the money to be paid back to them. It was, of course, yet another new fraud aimed at gaining access to bank account details in order to remove the contents of the account.> Read the rest of this entry »

Hacker Alberto Gonzalez accused of stealing 130 million identities

credit_cards(The Telegraph) Alberto Gonzalez, 28, from Miami, and two unnamed computer hackers, based in or near Russia, allegedly targeted 7-Eleven and other large corporations by uploading millions of customers’ details from internal computer systems onto servers that worked as hacking platforms.>

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Germany signs tax agreement with Gibraltar

TaxHaven_cartoon (The Gibraltar Chronicle) Germany signed a tax agreement with Gibraltar that gives German authorities access to information on its citizens, Bloomberg the international financial news service reported yesterday, as the British territory bends to increased global pressure against tax havens.> Read the rest of this entry »

More on Gibraltar’s ’empty dream’

Joe Holliday Vox, “The Truly Independent Gibraltar Newspaper”, came up with a decidedly non-independent article in its online version, regarding Robert Noonan’s investment plans for Gibraltar titled ‘Holliday’s 400M Jackpot Proved an Empty Dream’ (photo of Joe Holliday, the Rock’s Minister for Transport, Industry & Commerce). Having been caught out by the publication’s alarmist tendencies before, we urge caution in reading it (here).

OEM International collapses, Gibraltar affected

image005 The Gibraltar Chronicle this morning publishes an account of the liquidation of OEM International, one of Robert Noonan’s companies (see the whole article below). Mr. Noonan was the promoter of an airport and a golf course for Jimena, about which we have written extensively in the past (related items here).> Read the rest of this entry »