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we have stopped publishing here!


Still tweaking, only one monkey at work.

monkey on computerThere’s only one monkey at work tweaking the site. (PAY PEANUTS, GET MONKEYS, right?). Our apologies for any inconvenience. (Your comments on things so far would be much appreciated.)

On the boil today

boiling-tea-kettle.jpgHere are some of the things we’re working on for publication over the week.  School year begins: How was your day? / Bwin EU court loss: How could it affect Gibraltar? / Zapatero announces tax increases: Will it affect you? / Estepona-Casares fire: the aftermath / Cigarrette smuggling: recession creates increase / Jimena fountains: a 30% import tax? /AND MORE, plus news as it happens

Have you taken our poll yet?

pollpic Please take our poll -over at the top of the left sidebar. It is absolutely anonymous. It closes on midnight on Saturday, September 20th.

1000 views yesterday!

Days_to 10909If you thought we were happy about our 730 visits on Tuesday, how do you think we feel about 1,042 yesterday?! It’s the best day since JimenaPulse began in March 2007. What’s going on? Will someone please tell us what we’re doing right? And all we can do is thank you, Dear Reader, and promise to keep doing what we’re doing, whatever that may be. (Yes, we still wish we could do the same for donations …)

Correction: he wasn’t fined €300

chumbos It turns out that Prospero’s neighbour, the man selling chumbos, was not fined €300 for doing so. He was warned that he could be, or so he told us this morning. Still, he had to stop selling them and thus providing minimally for his family, which is still pretty outrageous with things as they are. We apologize if your blood pressure or hackles were as raised as ours were. (Comes from doing bad journalism: check your facts, they used to say.)

Amazing! 730 views in a single day!

ViewsPerDay090909Yesterday was almost a record. It was our best day so far this year, though, and not a single mention of a hurricane called Jimena in the ‘Top Posts’ category. However, Primark was mentioned, as was Clive and the pigs. Oh, and Gibraltar was mentioned a lot, too. Whatever it takes to get those numbers up! (Wish we could do the same for the donations, which have dried up and we’re about to get the phone cut off again!)