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Expats in Spain urged to catch top criminals

CrimeStoppersPoster(Agencies) Expats in Spain were Wednesday urged to be on the lookout for some of their country’s most wanted criminals who are suspected to be hiding out in the Mediterranean nation.> Read the rest of this entry »


Reader’s Question: How can I make a (further) donation to JimenaPulse?

PICT0046_thumb.jpgWe really did receive this by e-mail: “Although we contributed earlier this year, we value what you and your team do and the information which we can access daily. We therefore would like to make a further donation, if it would help to continue the site’s excellent work. Please let us know how we can proceed?” We answered – of course we answered! – as follows> Read the rest of this entry »

JimenaPulse articles on the boil for this week

boiling-tea-kettle We are preparing the following articles, among many others, to appear during the week: ‘Convento’ restoration is finished; Are we ready for Swine Flu?; A gateway to truancy, drugs and alcohol; Trees and plants for Campo villages. Watch this space but remember that we still need your donations to carry on. (Click here for more information).

Let’s help Daniel find his stolen motorbike

STOLEN BIKE (By e-mail) My motorbike has been for sale for a few weeks outside my house. Every night I bring it in and put a red lock on the wheel. This morning I have got up and somebody has broken the padlock on my front gates and has stolen my motorbike. I have enclosed a picture. If anyone sees it around the village or hears it (it is very loud!), please could they contact me. Daniel Ward 666157917. Reward offered.

First donation received today!

OurTHERMOMETER310309.gif item at the top of this page has produced our first donation since March! €20 was sent in from the UK – many thanks! All donors shall remain anonymous unlesss specifically requested other wise in writing. You can go to our DONATION PAGE to check on progress (Note: This donation came in via PayPal without a hitch!)

It’s up to you

THERMOMETER310309.gif At the end our recent item about José Regueira we thanked him and his sons for their continuing support of this site. Without any need, they, and other sponsors, buy advertising space on JimenaPulse and other sites as a way of contributing to their (and our) community.  When was the last time you contributed to your community?> Read the rest of this entry »

Scruffy finds a new home

Scruffy Our recent item about Scruffy elicited the following e-mail: “Thanks for your help, your site has found a new home for Scruffy. Can’t thank you enough!” We’re glad and grateful, and thank you all for taking care of Scruffy. We’re sure he will love his new home.