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Baelo Claudia dig comes to an end


(Agencies) Archaeological activity at the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, in Bolonia (Tarifa), have come to a fruitful end. Students from the Universities of Alicante and Cádiz have been cleaning up some of the older digs carried out by Pierre Paris and George Bonsor between 1917 and 1921. As a result, the burial sites discovered back then have now been exposed and a more conclusive plan of the site developed.>Superficial cleaning has also revealed  such material as burial urns, fine pottery and remains of amphorae, as well as burial rite elements that were not discovered by Bonsor. Four more funeral statues, which Bonsor described as ‘dolls’, were again revealed this time in the central part of the necropolis, one of which clearly shows eyes, nose and mouth. Two of them were recovered from a stone funeral casket containing ashes and bones. All of them were looking out to sea.
Cleaning in other areas of the necropolis revealed that these statuesdo not exist closer to the water, which lead the team to believe that they may be of a later date than the previous finds (2nd Century) and are more Italic in form, a reflection of the posssibility that Baelo Claudia had by then become much more integrated into the Roman Empire.
Data was also collected from later digs at another burial ground South of the road that lead to Traducta and Carteia.
All the material collected during this summer’s digs will be part of an exhibition to be mounted at the Baelo Claudia Interpretation Centre.


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