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Fancy a swim, then?

Estrecho de Gibraltar

A 75 year old German recently beat the record as the oldest person to swim across the Straits of Gibraltar, and another has crossed it for the eighth time, according to Asociación de Cruce a Nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar (ACNEG).>


Konrad Euler (photo by distance matters.com) started out from the beach in Tarifa and took 4 hours and 9 minutes to reach Punta Jaar in Morocco. His crossing, which he did in a Neoprene suit against the cold, had a favourable westerly wind behind him. He is the 245th person to carry out the crossing.


Antonio Gil Bravo (photo by ACNEG), on the other hand, completed his eighth crossing a day later, without a Neoprene suit, from Tarifa to Punta Cires, taking 4 hours and 24 minutes. He has become ‘King of the Straits’, a ‘title’ given to him by the Cross-Straits Swim Association (ACNEG in its Spanish acronym), the official body registering such feats. He first swam across in September 2001, and the last time was in July this year, when he marked his best time in 3 hours and 7 minutes.


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