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World Bird Day: learning about migration species and ringing


(Agencies) Children and adults spent some time learning about the birds that migrate across the Straits of Gibraltar. It was a special celebration on October 3rd: World Bird Day, which was celebrated locally by the Cigüeña Negra Ornithological Society at the wetlands at mouth of the Palmones River.>Young and old took the opportunity to learn more about the migration of birds across the Straits of Gibraltar, as well as practical lessons on ringing them.
According to the society’s President, Francisco Montoya, Cigueña Negra carries out this job every fifteen days or so during the migration seasons of autumn and spring, setting out nets of the same size each time to compare bird numbers year after year.
In addition to observations, ringing and counting, World Bird Day events this year included raising and building boxs for stork nests, painting and even canoeing.



  CraftyPip wrote @

Avid Twitchers and ornithologists, or just interested in what birds can be seen in this area and the Straits. Then the following book is quite good for identification purposes.
Guía de Aves del Estrecho de Gibraltar by David BARROS CARDONA and David RIOS ESTEBAN.
This book has descriptions in both Spanish and English.
We were told that this was out of print but we found three copies at Garabatos in Jimena de la Frontera….

  prospero wrote @

I was lucky enough to meet the two Davids some five or six years ago and although I can hardly tell a pigeon from a crow, their book, which they had just finished back then, is very useful here at JimenaPulse, where we sometimes have to write about things we know nothing about.

The book is available online:

Or at: http://www.agricolajerez.com/guia-aves-estrecho-gibraltar-parque-natural-alcornocales-comarca-janda-field-guide-to-the-birds-of-the-strait-of-gibraltar-alcornocales-natural-park-and-janda

The Davids also run a company specializing in ornithology out of an office in Guadiaro. Called OrniTour (www.ornitour.com/), they now have an observation park called OrniPark.

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