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Using SatNav while driving causes loss of attention


(Agencies) A study carried out by insurance company Línea Directa says that using a SatNav (GPS in Spanish) device while driving can cause a loss of road sign perception of up to 50%, while 75% of drivers lose some control over their vehicle while manipulating it. Driving at 90 k/h>a driver will miss half the road signs, reduce speed by an average of 15 k/h and the distance between his or her vehicle and the one in front will increase by 80 metres. Reaction time will also diminish “considerably,” says the report.

At the same time, manipulating the GPS while driving has an adverse effect on lateral movement, which could cause the vehicle to come off the road or move it to the wrong side. Risks increase on straight stretches because the driver “feels safer and therefore pays more attention to the GPS.” Over 1.5 million units are sold each year in Spain.

Loss of points if caught using SatNav
Pedro Valero, technical director of the study, thought that “before the end of th year” manipulating the in-car system while driving will incurr the loss of three points from drivng licenses, plus a fine of €150.

“Manipulating the GPS while driving is a bad idea,” said Valero, “and comparable to using a mobile, with some differences.”

Spain’s Traffic Laws are about to be strengthened to include all kinds of distractions while driving, including combing one’s hair, putting on lipstick or make-up, attending to a back seat passenger, etc.

María Paramés, Director of External Relations for Líne Directa, pointed out, “Ideally, route plans would be set up before beginning the journey, the device would be placed where it doesn’t obstruct our vision, it would be anchored firmly and not loose on the dashboard nor in the airbag areas, blocked for use while driving and manipulated, if necessary, by a passenger.”


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