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La Línea doctor denounced for negligence

hospital_la_linea.jpg(Agencies) Seven doctors of the Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS), one from La Línea, have been reported for alleged negligence in the case of a woman who died of a cerebral hemorrage. The patient died after being diagnosed with stress five times in three days.>According to her family’s lawyer, Félix Muñoz Pedrosa, the woman first went to the La Línea Hospital on October 22 last year. She had been in the town to attend her father’s funeral and told the staff at th hospital that she was feeling acute pain in the chest and back.
The doctors there told her she had been under a “stressful family situation” and sent her home to Sevilla, where herhusband took her to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital because her “joints were absolutely rigid.” She was given several tests there and was admitted on the 25th, “that is, four days after she was taken ill,” according to the attorney.
The patient, M.C.L.G., died in intensive care 29 days later owing to a “multiorganic failure.” The family believes that her “going from emergency services from hospital to hospital without a correct diagnosis” aggravated her state and her death could have been avoided. Her early condition was specific to an epidural haematoma.
Muñoz Pedrosa said that the denuncia has been admitted in Court in Sevilla, where the judge has already taken statements from the family and requested a report on the incident from the Instituto de Medicina Legal.


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