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A reader asks: “Any buses when the train stops?”

IMG_8428_thumb.jpg(E-mail) “Hello, sorry to trouble you but I have just happened upon your online magazine.   My husband and I are coming to Andalucia in November and had planned on taking the train from Colmenar to Algeciras.   Do you know if the train has ceased operating?   We were going to come up to the area from Estepona by bus to Caceres, somehow travel from Caceres to Gaucin, walk from Gaucin to Colmenar and take the train to Algeciras.  Do you know of any buses between Caceres and Gaucin and from Gaucin to Algeciras or Tarifa?   Their websites and/or phone numbers would be of great assistance.  Thank you.” Our answer>The train hasn’t stopped operating yet but it is scheduled on or
around October 25th.

We can’t tell you right now if there is a bus up to CASARES (you do mean Casares, I hope, as Caceres isn’t even in Andalucia!) from Estepona but have to imagine there is.

Almost certainly there is no bus between Casares and Gaucín, but there could be, and there is nothing, either, from Gaucín to Algeciras.

Your best bet is to visit CASARES and then head back down to the coast and take a bus from Estepona to Algeciras and on to Tarifa. In other words, transport between the mountain villages is tricky (e.g. they don’t usually operate on weekends), so you’d probably be wise to cut them out of your trip (pity, they’re lovely!)

Have you Googled ‘buses in Andalucía’ or anything like that? We haven’t got any reliable links or phone numbers, but we’ll put your question up on the site ad see if anyone can help – keep an eye on it as it could take a few days before the right information comes in. Just check the word comments above your question.

Wish you luck and a great trip!


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  Julie wrote @

Yes, I agree that public transport through the mountains can be tricky so heading to Algeciras along the coast is probably the easiest way.

Just to note, even though El Colmenar is also known as Estacion de Gaucin, that doesn’t mean you can walk to the station from Gaucin. It is a long 12km walk through the campo!!

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