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Gas scam – again!

falso butanero(E-mail) I was told this morning that there are fake REPSOL inspectors around again. Yesterday they managed to intimidate an English lady into paying them a few hundred euros for so called inspection and adaptations in her house!! Too often, for not speaking Spanish the crooks get away with it. (What to do, below)>
Could you post something on the blog, urging people to ask for NIE numbers, official ID (easy to fake), etc., that should scare them off, and if it doesn’t, nobody is obliged to have them do the work, they can contact their own plumber, electrician etc.  There is always time (plazo) to have the work done.



  Kath wrote @

They came to my house on Tuesday. I remembered previous scams, so told him another inspector had already been. Had he have been an official from REPSOL, surely he would have asked for proof. Not this chap. He just said “okay” and walked away. Lucky escape, eh?

  prospero wrote @

In the past they have targetted the elderly and foreigners, so BEWARE!

  Anna wrote @

Good for you Kath, please tell your friends and maybe if they tell their friends too, word will also get around to those who do not have internet.

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