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San Roque to pay for rubbish collection after 10 years of exemption

residuos_urbanos_cartoon(Agencies) The Boletín Oficial de la Provincia (BOP, the official provincial bulletin) recently published the amount residents of San Roque municipality will now have to pay for the collection and treatment of their rubbish. The tariff is> €40 and €35 respectively, a total of €75 a year. Exemptions for families not meeting minimal wage limits are included in the measure.

The new tariffs come into effect on January 1st 2010, an ‘unpopular’ measure given that San Roque residents have not had to pay for the services for the last 10 years. However, it is one of several that Mayor Fernando Palma has established as a way to cover the deficit of the municipality’s financial deficit.


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  Anna wrote @

I live in the area known as La Humosa, towards finca La Herradura.
We have one water meter for 35 houses. Our water costs us 1.19 euros per m3 and we have to pay 40 including IVA per household per three months.
Sambana and other neighbours just outside our area are paying the regular(in Jimena) rate of around 22 euros per three months.
We have no problem paying for rubbish collection just like any one else in Jimena but this seems very unfair to say the least.
In talks to Arcgisa we were told we are classified as an industrial area ?!? We have now asked the Defensor del Pueblo to take on our case to pay the normal rate.
We hope to receive good news very soon.

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