About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Public Works delegation visits Jimena

28.09.09 Visita del delegado provincial de Obras Públicas 11(Press release) The provincial delegate for Public Works, Pablo Lorenzo, visited Jimena recently to see several traffic problem spots, and to announce new roadworks for the area. The meeting took place with Mayor Pascual Collado and Councillor for Development Fernando Gómez. Among other points on the agenda were>the Mayor’s concern regarding work to be carried out on the A-405 San Roque-Ronda road, as well as that to be done on the A2102 and A2103 roads that connect San Enrique de Guadiaro and San Martín del Tesorillo. The Mayor also pointed out the difficulties involved in accessing the garages near the crossing of the A-405 with the entrance to Jimena.

A-405 to include cycle path

Regarding the first of these, Lorenzo said that the Junta’s department is studying improvements to the stretch between Castellar and Jimena using the same system as that of the section that runs between Estación de San Roque and Castellar, which is already finished. This would involve creating a 7-metre-wide road, plus an additional cycle path.

The connection between Tesorillo and the A-7 coast road and the A2102 and A2103 roads would mean a 10-metre-wide road, as this section carries heavy daily traffic and its present lack of a verge is dangerous.

Access to garages from the A-405

After the meeting, the Mayor, Councillor and Provincial Delegate visited the crossing of the A-405 and the road up to the village (photo), where Collado pointed out that the present signage and structure of the crossing makes it extremely difficult to access the repair shops there. The owners of these joined the delegation, offering their opinion and suggesting alternative measures.

Present, too, were Public Works technical staff, who promised to create a project that would solve these problems “as soon as possible.” For his part, Pablo Lorenzo said, “We consider it necessary to find a solution to this problem quickly, as [these businesses] generate employment and an invaluable service to Jimena. We will find a solution soon.”


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  CraftyPip wrote @

Maybe the Mayor and his Ayuntamiento should also look at the state of road signing and the complete ambiguous nature that they portray. Speed limits differerent in opposing directions of the same location of carriageway…We have a 30kph in force to reduce accidents…hey!, but if you are going in the opposite direction…look out you going to be mowed down because the signs indicate 60kph.
Lack of speed limit signs, as all I ever see by the way many people drive are two speeds…FAST and VERY FAST.
Maybe too some thought will be given to being permitted to turn left accross a solid white line.THE LAW SAYS THAT YOU ARE FORBIDEN TO DO SO. You are not even allowed to cross from one side to the other if there is a solid white line on the side from where you are crossing.
Sorry…. you can do so if you push your vehicle or lead your horse, but woe betide you if you drive or ride.
Why not change the law to allow pulling off to the right before turning… Perish the thought, that´s too easy an option.
The Guardia’s reponse to not being able to turn left and preventing one from entering a property is THAT’S NOT MY PROBLEM…with which when challenged as to why they do the same is that they are permitted to do so whenever they wish. (No wonder there is little respect for some of the actions of the Guardia.)
Maybe a little more money should be put to making the roads safer for the majority and not just the few with “enchufe” or the cyclists, who put themselves in danger all the time by ignoring the laws of the road and being totally inconsidertate to the other road users.

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