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Alleged killer arrested in UK, handed over to police in La Línea

COMISARIA-POLICIA-NACIONAL-LaLínea(Agencies) A 23-year year old Briton has been arrested by Spanish police in La Línea in connection with the death of a 31-year New Zealand man last December. Identified only as L.J.J.W, the alleged killer was detained in the UK and handed over to Spain after a judge issued a European arrest warrant.>According to a statement issued by the Policia Nacional, the sequence of incidents leading to the death of a man identified as Benjamin C. began in Gibraltar on December 18, 2008, when the two men allegedly fought at the door to a pub.

The argument unfinished,  the victim and some others went to L.J.J.W’s home in La Atunara later that day, where another fight ensued and the arrested man allegedly head-butted the victim, who collapsed and later died in a Cádiz hospital.

According to the Spanish police, the aggressor then fled the country but was tracked down with the help of Interpol. The case is now before the courts in La Línea and the Briton remains in custody.


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