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Courts in Andalucía to be inter-connected as from January

expedientes_acumulan_juzgadosThe Courts in Andalucía are not yet connected to courts in other regions of Spain, which makes it impossible to find out quickly if a person has any previous convictions, for example, and thus contributes enormously to the slowness of the judicial system and an accumulation of paperwork (photo).>

Begoña Álvarez, the Junta’s Councillor for Justice, announced recently that inter-connection among courts in Andalucía and with other regions of the country will be available as from January 2010.

As we reported recently about Algeciras, documents are often delivered by hand to the various departments of the Justice System and to other recipients such as lawyers, victims, police, prisons, etc. In fact, a recent TV documentary showed, as an example, that the office of the Prosecutor in a court in Madrid was unable to access the Judge’s office (literally) next door because their systems and programmes were incompatible.

The Government has promised that the whole system throughout the country will be overhauled and ‘compatible-ized’ within 18 months. This will mean that a court request in, say, Pontevedra, Galicia, will be received in San Roque, for example, on the same day as it is emmitted. Up ’til then, the paper document would have to travel by rail or snail-mail – and too ofetn get lost on the way.

Much of this ‘rush’ to upgrade is as a consequence of the Mari Luz case in Seville, about which you can read here.


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