About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Real recycling, by Mayumaná

This is what happens when you leave your wheelie bin out at night, or someone throws out a tire rim: a whole bunch of very fit young people … Nah, it’s that fabulous Israeli percussion dance group Mayumaná (that now includes 5 Spaniards among many other nationalities), whose last concert in Málaga tonight our colleague Ricardo (a.k.a. TioJimeno) has announced he is attending. We only put it up out of a very deep sense of envy – but we really, honestly hope he, family and friends enjoy it. ¡Que lo paséis bien, gente!


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  CraftyPip wrote @

If one morning you hear strange sounds coming up the plug hole, and its not little green men and you haven´t been on the wacky backy or had one too many sherberts, then it could well be someone playing the drums on your drain pipes.
The following link is a response to your band of very talented drummers. The Blue Man Group are well known for their utilisation of plastic drainpipes and other items in their world renown concerts….this is only the drain pipes…

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