About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Reader’s Question: How can I make a (further) donation to JimenaPulse?

PICT0046_thumb.jpgWe really did receive this by e-mail: “Although we contributed earlier this year, we value what you and your team do and the information which we can access daily. We therefore would like to make a further donation, if it would help to continue the site’s excellent work. Please let us know how we can proceed?” We answered – of course we answered! – as follows>

Wow! Many thanks indeed!

The best and safest way is via PayPal, which you can do with a credit card and don’t need to open an account. Just Google PayPal and it’ll tell you what to do – or, easier and quicker still, click on the PayPal icon on the left sidebar and it’ll go straight to the donation section (you can change the language if it comes up in Spanish, which it sometimes does).

If you prefer not to use PayPal, you can drop, or transfer, your donation straight into La Caixa account number 2100 4878 12 2100072164. Please make sure to write Donación under Concepto on the form, so I know what it’s about.

And then, there are collection tins (photo) at Oba Bar & Bistro and Alex & Karen’s shop across the street from the Post Office in Jimena. Another option is to stop me in the street (I’m the gray-haired man with the camera) and we’ll have coffee – which I might be able to pay for there and then!


P.S. Although we use the ‘royal we’, this is only a conceit. We are not really a ‘team’ as this reader sweetly believes; in fact, we only have one of me, plus two regular contributors, Woolfie and William Beatty, whom we value enormously.

We wouldn’t mind building up a ‘contributing team’, though: Anyone up for a regular Restaurant Review? Or an online sales person/organizer – you wouldn’t have to leave your chair? Or anything else anyone would like to be? There’s no money in it, though, believe me, despite the kindness of our correspondent above.


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  prospero wrote @

Via e-mail: Re your post this morning, if you had not been so rude about the abundance of fountains in Jimena, maybe you could have had a Jimena Pulse wishing well slap bang in the middle of town!!

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