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Cockroaches and mosquitoes at La Línea Hospital

hospital_la_linea.jpgThe Plataforma Cívica en Defensa del Hospital has received numerous complaints from patients, families and staff of the hospital in La Línea about a plague of mosquitoes and cockroaches as well as a lack of preparation for Swine Flu. The hospital’s ‘defense group’ alleges that fumigation is “not carried properly if at all”, specially on the ground floor and in the Emergencies area, but also “in such important places as operation theatres and corridors leading to special care units.” Further complaints from the group include>“a lack of preparation for Swine Flu.” This, they say, is particularly true of the area used by celadores (orderlies) of the Emergencies unit, “where they do not have a proper sink in which to wash their hands. What can be expected as an example, when we are getting messages all over the media about the importance of washing hands” as prevention against the flu pandemic.

Another complaint is that Intensive Caqre patients can’t be moved to the wards, or vice versa, because there aren’t enough beds. “We’ve known about this for years, but we’re still waiting for the fourth floor to be re-opened, which would add another fourteen beds for Internal Medicine patients and free up others for other specialties,” adds the Plataforma Cívica en Defensa del Hospital.


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