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Do you use Facebook? Watch out for this scam

facebookhacker_560x280Scams of all sorts are proliferating all over the place – recession, crisis, whatever. This is how the Facebook Hack works: Your curiosity will be piqued by being assured that you can easily hack any Facebook account>for only €70  (click on pic to enlarge) “Oh, sure,” you say, “I bet it’s a scam!” while you look into it to confirm your suspicion. You are required to register and they ask you for the account you want to hack (by now you are thinking you could play a joke on a friend).

They ask for the ID, not the user’s name, which many wouldn’t know how to obtain but they’ll tell you how. (See screen image here)

You click on Hack it! and after a little while they’ll come back to you with the result, and -what do you know- there’s your Facebook Friend’s name right there! (See screen image here)

Now you click on ‘Show login&password’ because you’re sure this will amuse your Friend. And you. They’ll come back to tell you that they have the login & password in their database and if you send them $100 (€70) they’ll let you have it. (See screen image here)

Now you’re doubting, aren’t you? But he/she’s a good friend and his/her birthday/wedding/divorce/anyotherexcuse is coming up and … what the heck! Why not? A moment of weakness, and you’re ready to hack your friend’s Facebook account, just for fun.

You pay into an account in Ukraine (probably via Western Union, whose logo is on the page) and that’s the last you’ll hear from them.

Would you go to the police to report your loss while trying to do something illegal?

One of the cleverer scams we’ve seen on the Internet but far from the only one. An old Spanish saying: Hecha la ley, hecha la trampa – or, Where there’s a law, there’s a way round it.

(See other Warnings on JimenaPulse)


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