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Gibraltar’s Battle of Britain commemoration

battle_of_britain_propaganda_poster_mid(The Gibraltar Chronicle) RAF Gibraltar is prepared  for one of its busiest weekends for many years. Over twenty aircraft have already arrived or will be arriving for this year’s Battle of Britain commemoration events. ‘Everybody at RAF Gibraltar is looking forward to the arrival of all these aircraft and all the events over the weekend,’ said Wing Commander Simon Dowling, the Station Commander.>

Two Hawks from 19 Squadron, based at RAF Valley, arrived on Thursday, prior to a day of training flights yesterday. Three Harriers from 1 Squadron at RAF Cottesmore, two Typhoons from 11 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, and two Tornados from 617 Squadron (the famous Dambusters’ squadron) based at RAF Lossiemouth – plus an additional Hawk from 100 Squadron at RAF Leeming and a Dominie from 55 Squadron, RAF Cranwell were expected yesterday.

Obviously, these arrivals will cause disruption to the flow of traffic along Winston Churchill Avenue but every effort will be made to keep this disruption to a minimum.

This morning’s display by the Red Arrows will start at 11 o’clock at Europa Point, after which ‘the Reds’ will fly back to UK. From 2pm until 4.30pm, the public are invited to get close to at least seven aircraft and their crews at a static display to be held at RAF Gibraltar. Pedestrian admission will be via Crash Gate 3 on Devils Tower Road but, due to restrictions of space, no cars will be admitted. Admission to the display is completely free.

This evening, three Hawks will perform a flypast over Rooke to coincide with the Battle of Britain Dinner at the Officers’ Mess.

And, totally unrelated to all these commemorations, a huge C-17 transport aircraft may arrive at RAF Gibraltar on Sunday afternoon to unload three Lynx helicopters required for EXERCISE JEBEL SAHARA, soon to be held in Morocco.

Away from the airfield, the Band of the RAF Regiment will give an open-air concert in Alameda Gardens on Sunday evening, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets, priced at £10, are available from Sacarello’s Coffee Shop with all proceeds going to the RAF Association.

On Monday morning it will be time for most of the visiting aircraft to leave so, again, there is likely to be an effect on the flow of traffic across the runway and again, the MoD apologises for the inconvenience this will cause.


The Director of Civil Aviation issued a statement yesterday stating that the Battle of Britain celebrations will result in unavoidable disruptions to the scheduled airlines timetable from yesterday until Sunday.

Additional road closures across the runway will be kept to a minimum in order to create minimum disruption to traffic.



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