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2º ESO, no class again tomorrow

SchoolStrikeDocPaintFollowing our various reports (and the reason we’re a little behind on other news) on the situation at the Instituto Hozgarganta, parents signed a note (photo) this morning aimed at the Education authorities, in which we notified our intention of not allowing our children to attend school until the problem of overcrowding is resolved. Parents, preferably with their children, will meet again at the school gates tomorrow morning at 9.15am. See photos of the meeting and the conditions in which our kids would have to spend the school year below>Copy of PICT0013Parents gather at the gates collecting signatures for the documents mentioned above, before entering to hand them in to the Secretary. Practically all 38 kids were represented, with the exception of those who it was impossible to notify. The same again tomorrow.

Copy of PICT0017Parents gather in the classroom, with some of the children, awaiting the presence of the Schools Inspector, who came to give us the official line: ‘This kind of thing won’t get you anywhere.’ But he did admit that, legally speaking, the class was overcrowded. The parents knew that. And it was hot in there!

Copy of PICT0021This picture shows how close the desks are to each other; the lack of ventilation is evident, too. Imagine 38 kids in there at various stages of early adolescence and degrees of interest in learning. Would you be able to teach there? Would the kids be able to breathe?

Further protest measures proposed at the meeting include large scale media presence, parents presenting themselves en masse at the education authority’s offices in Cádiz and/or Sevilla, protest banners outside the premises and ‘classes’ being given at the gates, among others. The Parents Association (PA in its English acronym, AMPA in Spanish) has promised to get legal advice through the PA’s regional federation.


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  CraftyPip wrote @

Where as I do not agree in the disruption of our childrens´education in any form whatsoever. I have to agree with the action taken by parents in an effort to force the authorities to employ more teachers.
We have seen the local authorities increase our contributions year on year and for to what ends.
1. We have fewer rubbish collections.
2. We have been reclassified from urbano to rustico so as not to have to supply street lighting or maintain the the roads.
3. The reclassification denies us the right to develop our properties any further.
4. To DENY US THE RIGHT TO ENTER OUR PROPERTIES because they will not upgrade or impliment safety measures on the A405 at La Adelfilla. (This could be constude as being in breach of European law)
5. This in turn deliberately causes the loss in trade to the ventas.
6. Failure to uphold the law in respect of those who deliberately carry on illegal businesses, because the problem is what they like to call ” politico “and negates their need to recognise the laws that they implement.

I could go on but this would not solve the education problem, only to say that the jobs in the local authority could be linked to performance related results. It might buck up their ideas if the jobs were directly on the line.
The teachers themselves do not help matters by refusing free help in relation to childrens´education and going to the extent of telling the pupils that they will be automatically failed if they seek help from outside sources.
In conclusion, a little more foresight should be given to the impending overcrowding of classes long before the start of the school year, and provision made to accomodate the rising numbers. Do the authorities have any thought for the future of their children and the successful future of their country? They will not be in power for ever, sooner than later their children will take over and without a proper education they will make the same mistakes.

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