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Junta invests €1,129,000 in secondary schools for 2009/10, but where?

Copy-of-PICT0008.jpg(EuropaSur) The Junta de Andalucía’s Education Council says it has invested €1,129,000 in improvements to Campo de Gibraltar secondary schools for the 2009/2010 year. However, most of them are not immediately apparent. Such is the case of the Instituto Hozgarganta in Jimena (photo), with over 400 students and expansion work that was promised seven years ago (See related item here and yesterday’s item on overcrowded classrooms). The  Provincial Education Delegation admits the work is incomplete.

Investment is not apparent either at the Junta’s ‘big news’: TIC centres (i.e. IT Centres) and Bilingual Centres. Finance for these has gone only to Primary schools and the Institutos that have these advanced facilities already had them last school year.

How the investment was distributed, by municipality:

  • Algeciras: €472,665 spread among 16 education centres, including the Art School (€25,769), the Music Conservatory and the Escuela de Idiomas (i.e. Language School) (€12,000 each). Among the secondary schools, Isla Verde and Baelo Claudia got the largest amounts (over €30,000 apiece).
  • La Línea: €216,293.43 for five secondary and Bachillerato centres, as well as the Music Conservatory. IES Virgen de la Esperanza (€53,245.69) and Menéndez Tolosa (€43,925.95) were the most favoured.
  • San Roque: €197,458.21 for four of its five secondary schools, the Escuela de Idiomas and IES Hostelera, which got €70,817, mainly for its residential facilities, after many years of requests. The Language School (€19,952.73) has excellent facilities, but these were built and furnished by the Council.
  • Los Barrios: a total investment of €78,820 that includes €23,969 for San Isidro residential school and €30,676.90 for IES Sierra Luna.
  • Tarifa: €84,433.74, with an investment of €24,000 for IES Guzmán el Bueno.
  • Jimena: €56,000 in total, with €36,277 for IES Hozgarganta, which the Parent/Teachers/Students Association says is insufficient.
  • Castellar was not included in the EuropaSur report.

(Watch JimenaPulse for developments)


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