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"Carrefour plastic bags: Green or Greed?"

Received by e-mail from our good friend Cap, to which we added the above movie: “Made an unplanned visit to Carrefour yesterday. As I didn’t have my Eco Bags with me, I purchased another one at 50 cents. After I’d paid at the till, I was horrified to see that their plastic bags were still there as usual! When one sees how they package their own products – endless cling-film, plastic, etc – I am inclined to believe that their recently introduced campaign and the mainly good publicity they have received as a result, is nothing more than a scam designed to increase profits. My shopping bill certainly came to an extra 50 cents yesterday and I tend to agree with the post on CostaBlogger.



  sheila wrote @

What I want to know is – can you put the bags with the recyclable motif on them in the yellow bins? Can anyone advise?

  prospero wrote @

The recyclable logo means that they are recyclable. If it’s plastic, and only plastic, they go in the yellow bins.

  Brian Reyes wrote @

It’s not a scam, or so they say. They’re working their way through their remaining stock of plastic bags. Whatever their motivation, this is a good idea. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

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