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Gibraltar National Day: ‘a Day divided’

GND (Agencies) The Spanish press, particularly the local media, has written up yesterday’s National Day, often in terms of it having been ‘divided’. With headlines similar to ours, many have pointed to the division between Peter Caruana’s governing party and Joe Bossano’s socialist-liberal coalition.>OOPS! SORRY, YOU CAN’T GO BEYOND THIS POINT UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE A DONATION TO JIMENAPULSE. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE (but we’ll forgive you just this once)

The Campo de Gibraltar’s ‘paper of reference’, Europa Sur, for instance, starts by saying that “as happened last year, Government decided not to include the political rally in its official programme, which proves the great division between Peter Caruana’s Executive and the socialist-liberal coalition.

National Day “The rally at Casemates began shortly after 11am. Organized by Dennis Cardona’s Self-Determination for Gibraltar Group, it was backed by the Opposition and the PDP.”

The paper’s online edition goes on to say that, while there were fewer banners than last year “one noticeable one read Los españoles que reclaman la soberanía no son bienvenidos (‘Spaniards claiming sovereignty are not welcome’).

GNDBossano Reports of speeches by Keith Azopardi (PDP), Joseph García (Liberal) and Leader of the Opposition Joe Bossano (photo) were also quoted. The latter addressed the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister as ‘Michael Angel’ “thus refusing to use a single syllable in Spanish,” says Europa Sur, which also reported on the Chief Minister’s speech at John Mackintosh Square.

pageone For its part, Andalucía Información, which headlines ‘Thousands of ‘llanitos’ pour into the streets to celebrate National Day’, covered the event and the speeches including that by Olga Zammitt, recently appointed Mayor of Gibraltar. The article also reported on the recipients of the Gibraltar Medal, “José Netto, Adolfo Canepa, Joe Gaggero and Maurice Xiberras, for their services to Gibraltar.”

The Andalucía Información article ended by quoting Bossano: “Gibraltar is a nation and must learn from its history to protect the future of its children” and “… a united nation cannot be defeated. Mr. Moratinos, you shall not pass. Gibraltar will never be Spanish.”

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  Wendy wrote @

It might have been a day divided but we went to the Status Quo concert in the evening and it was BRILLIANT!!!! We were definitely all united in singing along and dancing and a good time was had by all.

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