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Back to school for the little ones …

PICT0005 ... and first day ever for the even littler ones. Every year we get pictures of crying children being dragged screaming to school. We hardly saw any of them today,which doesn’t mean there weren’t any, of course. Here are some more photos…>

PICT0002 …of teachers hanging out of windows, waiting for the avalanche. And well they might.

PICT0003 … of life going on around the kids. Streets have to be cleaned – every day around the schools, given the mess they’re allowed to make.

PICT0004 “Now which the heck line am I supposed to be in?” “Where are my mates??” “What class is she supposed to be in” (Make up tour own thoughts…)

PICT0006 A playground is to play in – even if this one doesn’t meet Health & Safety standards at the beginning of the school year. Will it ever?


“Oy, Prospero, take a photo, please,” said Miguel. It served to get his daughter to smile, if a little wanly, through her tears.

PICT0008“Omigod! They’re going! They’re growing up so fast, poor little dears!” is one side of the coin. “Phew, at last,” is the other.


Now, of course, mothers can have a nice quiet chat about how bad/good/naff things are. It’s back to normal for them, too. (We left in a hurry when someone mentioned PMT.)

PICT0012 And here we have Councillor for Education Jesús Rodríguez being interviewed for local TV. He might have been explaining why the outside of the school hasn’t been painted yet…

PICT0010 … but we can tell you why: It’s the birds’ fault. Yes, permission has to be obtained from the Junta’s Council for the Environment before knocking down these nests. Rodríguez told us earlier that he had tried…

PICT0011 … to get the permit but got no reply. So there are two alternatives: Wait ’til October, when it’s okay to knock them down, or paint over them now. Does the left know what the right hand is doing?

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