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Algeciras studies new prostitution laws

prostitución2 There has been much ado in the Spanish media about street prostitution in cities throughout the country, a common occurrence that has shown an ‘alarming’ increase of late, usually attributed to the recession. Now Algeciras is jumping on the bandwagon.>OOPS! SORRY, YOU CAN’T GO BEYOND THIS POINT UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE A DONATION TO JIMENAPULSE. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE (but we’ll forgive you just this once)

Algeciras’s Department for Citizen Protection is studying a regulation prepared by the Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias (FEMP), which is pioneering -in Spain- regulations against street prostitution that includes fines for both prostitute and client. The Council is analysing whether to introduce some at least some of these regulations into its local laws.

The original intention was to ban prostitution from the streets altogether but some of the clauses in that proposal were rejected by the town’s lawyers because there is no clear state law that allows banning specifically.

The FEMP regulations are based on ‘preventing minors from seeing practices of exhibitionism and soliciting in the street, avoiding transit problems in public places and avoiding the exploitation of certain collectives.”

With these objectives in mind, the FEMP regulations sets three separate ‘Norms of Conduct’. The first prohibits “offering, soliciting, negotiating or accepting, directly or indirectly, paid sexual services in a public place when such practices exclude or limit compatibility of use of said public space.” In this case, the police can remind people of the prohibition and, if these persist, they can be detained for disobedience to the authority.

The second regulation prohibits paid sexual practices less than 2oo metres from an educational centre. As before, the police can inform about the restriction and proceed with detentions administratively. Those person practicing prostitution will also be informed of the possibility of social assistance offered by private and public institutions. “As well as obtaining any necessary help,” it adds. The document reflects on the fact that this type of conduct is considered ‘light’ (leves) are are liable to fines of up to €750.

The third situation is perhaps the most complicated. “It is especially forbidden to maintain sexual relations through payment to them [the prostitutes] in a public place. This type of conduct is considered ‘very serious’ (muy graves) and ae liable to fines of between €1,500.01 and €3,000.

These are the lines along which Councils are tending to act. If Algeciras should want to adopt them -they are under study at present- the Council would have to take the matter to a Plenary Session for approval.

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