About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Jimena band’s first parade outside the municipality

SantoNiñoJimena’s municipal band took part in the procession to honour the Santo Niño (photo) that was held in Gaucín yesterday. This is the first time the band has performed beyond the confines of its home municipality.>PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE but you can make a donation NOW, too! Please click here for more information on how to help us continue.

The Municipal Band of Jimena was born with the intention of creating a stable ‘culture of music’ and also to serve as an alternative educational facility and leisure activity for the young of the municipality.


Directed by María Jesús Herrero, there are now some 40 young people ranging in ages from 8 to 18 taking part from all over Jimena. They have until now been seen heading parades and processions at Christmas, New Year and Easter, as well as during the International Music Festival and other events. The Gaucín event means a further step forward in the band’s development and the opening of new horizons.

We at JimenaPulse have followed the band’s progress over the years and are very pleased to see this new venture taking shape. It is customary for similar district bands to perform in other municipalities, which also means a considerable contribution to their often diminished coffers.

¡Enhorabuena, chicos y chicas!


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