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1070 students begin 2009/2010 school year tomorrow

school starts Following our previous item about confusion at the beginning of term (please see comment there as well), we received the following press release from Jimena Council’s Press Office. Some 1070 students of the municipality begin the 2009/2010 school year tomorrow (571 less than last year, if stats are right, which would be unusual) . These are the children attending Infant and Primary classes at CEIPs (Colegio de Educación Infantil y Primaria) Reina de los Ángeles, Aljibe, Cristo rey and José Luis Sánchez. An early start to the school year and prevention and procedures regarding possible cases of Swine Flu are two of the principal [news items].  See below for each school’s numbers, details, names of Heads and phone numbers>PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE but you can make a donation NOW, too! Please click here for more information on how to help us continue. (This item was translated)

CEIP Reina de los Ángeles (Jimena)

(Head Teacher, or Director: Juan Rondón. Phone: 956 640 135)

310 children are registered here this year, 90 of them at Infants level (i.e. Pre-school)

The centre has been completely painted inside, including classrooms and other rooms. It is expected that the exterior, including the playground, will also get a coat of paint soon. Cork flooring is to be installed on Pre-School play areas and a new emergency exit for the outside fencing is to be installed.

The staff is almost all here, except one teacher who is assigned to the school but is off ill, a substitute is in all probability to be found this week.

CEIP Aljibe (Los Ángeles, or Estación)

(Head Teacher, or Directora: Ana Cano. Phone: 956 640 078)

217 children registered this year and only a teacher of English is to be assigned.

The floor of the playground has been resurfaced and completion is expected soon for the outer perimeter, which will create a small recreational area.

Meanwhile, the school continues to wait for material for its computer room. (We read on TioJimeno that, despite announcements from Jimena Councillor for Education Jesús Rodríguez issued on June 3 to the effect that ‘everything was satisfactory’ regarding the new computers, and that these would be received in September, according to promises from the provincial education authorities’, the ones that were received in June were rejected by the school because they were old and second hand, and not the complete computer room the school had been promised.)

CEIP Cristo Rey (San Pablo de Buceite)

(Head Teacher: — ? — can’t find reference, can you help?. Phone: 956 642 202)

(Note: This school’s premises also serve the first two years of Secondary, i.e. ESO)

250 children registered, though they are awaiting some late-comers.

The school is now a Centro TIC (Centre for IT and Communication) and will have one computer for every two students from 3rd Primary level to 2nd ESO. The remaining classes will be able to use material that already existed in previous terms.

Work is scheduled to begin ‘in a few weeks’ on the outer perimeter of the school, which ‘it is hoped’ will be finished by the Christmas holidays.

Staff consists of 18 teachers or assistants, and one Pre-School teacher is yet to be assigned, ‘probably today or tomorrow’.

CEIP José Luis Sánchez (San Martín del Tesorillo)

(Head Teacher: –?– same again. Phone 956 618 141)

Some 290 students are registered, though more are expected during the school year as the result of temporary employment in local agriculture.

The school is awaiting significant renovation work to be carried out for the toilets, playgrounds and the gym. These are [supposedly] to be done under the aegis of the Junta’s Education Council.

One of the problems here is that there is only one classroom for the first year of Pre-School, which has to contain 28 three- year-olds. The school has requested a desdoblamiento (‘split in two’) but has as yet been unable to obtain it.

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