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Clive Music at the Oba on Saturday!

PICT0166 A breathless Caroline of the Oba Bar & Bistro caught up with us in the street yesterday to tell us Clive Music is on at her establishment this Saturday, tomorrow. She added that it’s better to book a table ahead (on 635 938 521) for a meal as Clive Music starts at around 10pm. She also told us that her Quizz Nights will start again on Thursday, September 17, with a new Quizz Master. (Who’s Clive?)



  Grace wrote @

Think Caroline may have said ‘live’ music as Thrifty Malone are playing at Bar Oba this Saturday 10pm! :-)

  prospero wrote @

… must have been my hearing, then. Or the clacking of her sandals. (There is a tongue in a cheek around here…)
Thanks for following us that closely (Have you made a donation to JimenaPulse yet? – we’re shameless when it comes to asking for help.)

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