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Hasta luego and many thanks

PICT0029 (Prospero’s own) The more perspicacious of our readers will have seen me sitting about in the company of at least one of these ladies, lately with all three; visitors all. Two of them are Head Teachers in Britain and one is a Special Needs teacher. To tell you that I learned a lot from them would be putting it mildly, so I wanted to thank them publicly for listening, advising and just being wonderful – I won’t even mention the many tankards of 0/0 beer or the meals we had together. Hasta luego, ladies.



  Pat Brown wrote @

Just about to start the new School Year and had a quick look at your site. Was surprised to see Becky, Jacqui and I on so soon! It made me smile. Thanks for your company. I had a great relaxing week. Hope to see you soon. Best wishes, Pat.

  Valerie Jubb wrote @

You old charmer!

  prospero wrote @

Hah! It’s the ‘old’ bit I resent…

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