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PP accuses Gibraltar of ‘invading’ Spain

gibraltar_aereo (Europa Sur) National Deputy José Ignacio Landaluce (PP=Partido Popular) stated yesterday that Gibraltar “is invading Spain”. The statement comes after the news that a fibre optic cable will improve telecommunications on the Rock thanks to the Europe India Gateway (EIG) project.>

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Landaluce says he is more and more aware that the British colony is becoming “increasingly more independent, more autonomous and stronger to confront the interests of Spain” because “it is ever expanding, becoming bigger and not only because of the underwater cable, but also because of the phone lines that were conceded [to it] and the land that has been gained from the sea, taking waters [that don’t belong to Gibraltar] and cause environmental impact.”

The PP yesterday sent a series of questions to be raised in the Congress of Deputies “as the Government will surely have to say something about all this and the cable will have to come through Spanish waters.”

Among other things, the opposition party wants to know if the Spanish Government is planning an environmental impact report on the cable that will join India with Britain, with a connection to the colony.

Another question is about the impact the cable will have on the Spanish telecommunications providers that presently serve the Rock.

Has Spain been informed or has it been asked permission for work to be carried out in Spanish waters? is another question.

Regarding statements made on the subject by PSOE Senator José Carracao, who said that he, Carracao, foresees no problems with the cable, Landaluce said he hoped that Spain would be asked permission for underwater work to be carried out in Spanish waters, adding that the government of Gibraltar “doesn’t care about Spanish opinions because it knows that the [Spanish] Government won’t do anything about it.”

José Ignacio Landaluce also criticized the way Carracao handles the Gibraltar question. He said that Carracao “will soon be made an honorary ‘llanito’ (nickname for Gibraltarians) because he only takes care of the Rock’s interests.” He also accused Zapatero’s government of “giving in to Gibraltar instead of defending Spanish interests.

The opposition deputy went on to accuse Gibraltar of “unfair competition regarding taxes” and of “terrible actions such the recent transparency agreement signed with Britain,” going on to add that the background to the agreement is the first time Britain has not recognized the Treaty of Utrecht and deals with Gibraltar like a sovereign state.”

Landaluce ended by saying that he is “very worried” by the underwater fibre optic cable project.

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