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Reader’s Choice: Giant water slide


(click on pic for more info)

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME even if you have a big enough garden! It was sent in by a long-time friend of Prospero’s, whose e-mail address begins with ‘notalot’, which we’ve always thought of as ingenious. Thank you Notalot!


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  Calpeiana wrote @

Hi Prospero
Amusing little video but turns out that it’s a ‘viral video’ (only in the sense that it gets sent on by people rather than it does anything nasty to computers) that our friends at Microsoft Germany cooked up to promote MS Office!
See http://newteevee.com/2009/08/11/the-megawoosh-waterslide-viral-how-it-was-really-done/

Nice website by the way – great for keeping up to date – keep up the good work!

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