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Palmones ash storm comes from Acerinox

PalmonesCenizas (Agencies) The Junta de Andalucía’s Department of the Environment has confirmed that the ash that poured down on the Palmones area last week (photo) came from the steel processing factory at Acerinox nearby.>PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE. Please click here for more information. (This item was translated)

This is the second time this kind of incident has happened in 18 months. The Junta has said it will stiffen environmental controls on Acerinox.

A second, thorough analysis of the matter denounced by residents of the area, carried out in Barcelona, confirmed that the dust and ash came from the factory contained 90% of calcium, silicone and trace metals. The tests also confirmed the presence of iron, chrome and nickel in minute quantities. It even found traces of gold. The Junta pointed out that, while unpleasant, the ash did not present a health risk.


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