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Bird watchers argue over possible plagiarism

PICT6236(Agencies) The two principal bird protection and study organizations of the Campo de Gibraltar, Fundación Migres and Cigüeña Negra, are arguing over the text of an article to be published in the Journal of Applied Ecology.>PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ITEMS SUCH AS THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE. Please click here for more information. (This item was translated)

Cigüeña Negra announced in a recent press release that the six authors of the article, among whom are two from the Biological Station at Doñana, one from Miguel Hernández University and three from the organization itself, have receive threats of legal action via a burofax (official notification) to each of them.

The organization replies that the information used in the article is in the public domain and sent to them from official sources.

“We don’t know if the article will be published now, as the Migres Foundation has sent their false accusations to the publishers of the journal,” said the press release.

For his part, the Technical Director of the Migres Foundation, Luis Barrios, explains that his organization’s lawyer sent the authors a burofax asking for information on where the information comes from, but did not contain any threats.

Barrios went on to say that Migres has been carrying out the same study on bird mortality at the wind farms for the Asociación Eólica de Tarifa for a number of years, which is why they want to know where Cigüeña Negra got its material from.


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