About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains


Due to perfectly foreseeable circumstances, our ADSL and phone connections have been suspended until payment is received. Therefore, we are unable to update with our usual speed. All previously scheduled items, including advertising, will be appearing normally. News, however, will take a little longer. Our apologies for any inconvenience. We urge you to read Sancho’s comment to this post (click on the word Comments above).



  sue wrote @

join the club!When I win the lottery this weekend,I’ll see yer alright!Hahaha!!

  Sancho wrote @

In the real world, from which I exclude Jimena, websites generally earn their keep from advertising. However Jimena is a small village and the number of businesses able to pay for a monthly banner are small. Hence readers of Jimena Pulse have to decide is it just a website you read when you have nothing better to do – or does it provide a valuable service for the local community? If the latter then we should all help to keep it on-line. Nobody knows better than Propsero that we live in difficult times – but is the service offered by his website worth 5 euros, 10 euros a month to us? I suspect it is. It would be a shame if Jimena Pulse became restricted access to those who pay but surely there are enough of us who care about the mission of this website to put our hands in our wallets each month to pay a basic amount to keep it available to all. I doubt whether Prospero will run off with the loot to buy a yacht – but if he does buy one you can guarantee we’ll all be invited on board!

  Sancho wrote @

A further note to my previous posting. Apart from Prospero having been typed as Propsero (for which I apologise) if you buy a Spanish local newspaper every day it will cost you around 40 euros a month. Sur in English and the Olive Press are free but have little or no news on Jimena. The Costa del Sol News does but that is 1.25 euros a week – 5 to 6.25 euros a month. I know there is a “something for nothing” culture amongst some expats but I would have thought that a website dedicated to Jimena news and events, with advice on the pitfuls to be encountered in village life, the ability to make foreign residents views heard in our corridor of power was worth more than nothing – but then may be I am just being an innocent abroad – time will tell.

  Lynne wrote @

Come on folks,one euro a week from each of us to keep this social network alive is merely one less coffee or beer.
Search one’s conscience, have you not benefitted in some way by being in receipt of the information on this site?
Advance warning of some event or other, even the weather????
Please tell us how to contribute.

  Dave B wrote @

I have found this site invaluable over the years especially with regard to a certain development. Even though I live in the UK I am often suprised that when I visit Jimena I know more about whats going on than some of the locals and that is because of this site. I have made a contribution and would be happy to make further ones but I feel it will take more than one or two to make this work. I would urge all those based in the UK and who are regular readers to make a contribution, I did through PayPal which is probably the easiest way as many people will already have a PayPal accounts to deal on E-Bay

  Capricious wrote @

I think we all appreciate and benefit from this site. More than anything, I belive that dear Prospero is doing a sterling job in helping to integrate the large English speaking community locally which is very important. The site (and Prospero’s passionate community spirit) are respected locally as are the efforts of many English speaking residents who help raise money for local charities or participate in local matters in other ways. These efforts now have JimenaPulse as a public window. It would be a great pity if it were to close.

I agree with Sancho, it is inevitably difficult in such a small village. However, realistically, I don’t think you will get 100 or so people setting up direct debits for a few €s a month.

Prospero, knowing you this will probably go against the grain, but how about a few JimenaPulse collection boxes dotted around the village? Say in La Tasca, Bibi’s bar, etc? I am sure that when we see them, we will all be reminded how much we appreciate you and this site and we will slip you a few €s! English visitors to the village who rely on the site for information etc are also likely to contribute too?

I don’t know if I dare suggest this, but also surely a well rattled tin as you stroll round the Friday market???

Hopefully that might at least provide enough along with advertising to cover your out-of-pocket expenses…..

  sue wrote @

collection tins left in strategic places are a great idea…..nobody loses face and amounts can be as much or as little as each individual can afford….plus,Prospero can discreetly accept his payment without embarrassment.Times are hard….time to help each other even more.I´m all for it!

  Yvonne wrote @

worth every penny or centimo

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