About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

First donation received today!

OurTHERMOMETER310309.gif item at the top of this page has produced our first donation since March! €20 was sent in from the UK – many thanks! All donors shall remain anonymous unlesss specifically requested other wise in writing. You can go to our DONATION PAGE to check on progress (Note: This donation came in via PayPal without a hitch!)


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  Sancho wrote @

In the real world, from which I exclude Jimena, websites generally earn their keep from advertising. However Jimena is a small village and the number of businesses able to pay for a monthly banner are small. Hence readers of Jimena Pulse have to decide is it just a website you read when you have nothing better to do – or does it provide a valuable service for the local community? If the latter then we should all help to keep it on-line. Nobody knows better than Propsero that we live in difficult times – but is the service offered by his website worth 5 euros, 10 euros a month to us? I suspect it is. It would be a shame if Jimena Pulse became restricted access to those who pay but surely there are enough of us who care about the mission of this website to put our hands in our wallets each month to pay a basic amount to keep it available to all. I doubt whether Prospero will run off with the loot to buy a yacht – but if he does buy one you can guarantee we’ll all be invited on board!

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