About Jimena de la Frontera, the province of Cadiz and Spain as a whole, focused on this small village in the mountains

Reader’s Question: Can a Spanish GCSE be taken locally?

students_taking_exams Received by e-mail: “Thank you for such an informative site -Jimena Pulse, I look at it almost daily to see what is happening there. We know Jimena quite well as we are fairly frequent visitors and are now looking for a small town house there as we like the area so much. I wonder if you could help please, our daughter would like to take GCSE Spanish, do you know of anywhere in the area that she would be able to do this or a Spanish equivalent qualification?>“I looked at the Jimena adult education building when we were last there a couple of weeks ago but it was closed when we went… Our daughter works, which could present a problem, so we even wondered if it was possible to study online and take the exam locally-it’s difficult knowing how to advise her from the UK so I would be very grateful for any suggestions that you may have.” If you have any, please click on the word Comments above.


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  Rosa wrote @

ICS is a company which do GCSE’s in a number of subjects, including Spanish. You do it distance learning but get tutor support and can chat with other students online. Your daughter would need to get a school or other educational establishment in the UK (or possibly Gibraltar) to allow her to sit the exam if she wanted the actual certificate. I used them for an A level and found their course material excellent. The price for GCSE spanish is 249 pounds. You can find them on icslearn.co.uk

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