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Not a pleasant sight

You are warned: if you are of a sensitive nature, particularly regarding horses, you will not want to watch this video off YouTube. It happened during a car rally in Argentina last week, when the front runner (car) came into collision with another front runner (horse, which fortunately died instantly).



  Rosa wrote @

Thanks for the warning. I haven’t watched the video. I’m sure that appalling things happen all over the world every day but I’m glad that mostly I dont get to know about the details. Was there a reason for posting this video?

  prospero wrote @

Of course appalling things happen all over the world. In particular to people, especially children. That doesn’t mean we should ignore it. There is no particular reason for the posting, no.

  Rosa wrote @

Ignoring things is one thing, taking pleasure in watching them is another thing completely. Fine, this is your blogsite and I choose to read but I feel this item is inappropriate for this normally excellent site.

  Jan wrote @

I absolutely agree with Rosa – both about this item being in bad taste and about your site usually being excellent. I haven’t watched it either – thanks for the warning.

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