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Spain to support EC on Gibraltar waters issue

Aerial (Europa Press) Spain is to support the European Commission (EC) in the appeal presented by the UK and Gibraltar at the European Court in Luxembourg. The appeal seeks to have a decision taken by the EC that recognizes Spain’s claims on waters surrounding the Rock, which had previously been adjudicated to the UK and is a protected site under EU Law. The decision to support  the EC comes only a day after London announced its own decision to support Gibraltar in the appeal.>

This is the first time Britain and Spain raise the subject of Gibraltar’s claim to territorial waters at the EU Court. Spain does not recognize British sovereignty over the area and claims that the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 only ceded the city and castle on the Rock, its port, defences and fortifications, not the isthmus, territorial waters or air space.

One of the areas in contention, called the Eastern Waters, was included in a list of Sites of Community Interest, an environmentally protected area, as belonging to Spain. The problem lies in that the Eastern Waters, 23,642 hectares, surrounds another smaller area, called the Southern Waters, that the EC attributed to Britain in 2006. The updated list presented by the EC on December 12 includes both areas.

In its appeal, Gibraltar argues that  the Court’s decision implies two separate and different legal systems must be applied over the same area, and suggests that the Commission worked on “erroneous information.”

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