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La Línea mayor announces local police to ‘invite’ vehicles to leave the Gibraltar queue

queue_BBC (Agencies) La Línea Mayor Juan Carlos Juárez, who recently denounced the queue of traffic into Gibraltar that is sometimes backed up all the way to Campamento and beyond in the summer, yesterday announced that he is giving his Local Police orders to ‘invite’ drivers to leave the queue and continue to circulate when it goes back further than the roundabout at the junction of Príncipe de Asturias and España avenues.>The announcement comes after several weeks of complaints from users of the avenue, who say the queue prevents them from using the La Línea roads ‘normally’. The mayor said that it blocks one of the main entrances to the town, particularly in the summer, “when there are most visitors to Gibraltar.” It is not only the amount of traffic, said the mayor, but also the noise and pollution it brings.

Juárez pointed out that it is not the drivers’ fault as the queues originate at the border crossing, a refurbishment of which he has been calling for some time. “But it is amazing that nobody is doing anything about it,” he added.


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