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This belt costs €500. Who’s wearing it?

ZP_cinturón 2 Can you guess whose trousers it is holding up? A couple of clues: 1. It is worn the day before a monthly subsidy of €420 is available to those whose unemployment benefits have run out (before August 1, it has just been announced by surprise and to everyone’s confusion); 2. It is worn as part of what might be called a ‘uniform’ for progressive socialists. See below to check the answer.>

ZP_cinturón 1 Yes, you’re right, the trousers belong to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, President of the Government of Spain, so, presumably, does the belt worn during a PSOE meeting yesterday at Vistalegre, Madrid. You can check the price on the Hermès website. Of course, it could be a fake Made in China and costing maybe €12, though we doubt he wandered down to the local weekly market to buy it. (By the way, ‘zapatero’ means cobbler.)


Ma_Teresa_Fernández_de_la_Vega Another ‘cava socialist’ is First Vice President María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, who announced those new emergency subsidies very recently and is known to be a sharp dresser with an ample choice of costumes from her wardrobe, as well as a penchant for scarves (We were unable to find one like this on the Hermès website, but it is last year’s photo.)



Carme_Chacón Catching up quickly in the cava stakes is Defence Minister Carme Chacón, but she has a good teacher behind her. We won’t mention any more because most are women (men are boring) and we wouldn’t want to be accused of sexual discrimination, would we?


Francisco_Camps It would be unfair, unbalanced and just plain un, if we didn’t mention the trouble opposition party PP has been having with their suits. The President of the Autonomous Region of Valencia, Francisco Camps, was in court earlier this year for allegedly accepting expensive tailored smatter (from €2000, handmade) as ‘gifts’ from interested parties. The matter involving other members of his cabinet and party was rejected as ‘unproven’ by the Superior Court of Valencia and is being appealed by their opposition, PSOE.

(Editorial Note: We don’t often get involved in national politics at JimenaPulse but we do have a streak of perversity that we feel is best shown during the silly season. We’ve classified this article under ‘Funnies’ because we don’t know where else to put it. Of course, it isn’t funny to anyone entitled to the €420 subsidy and even less so to those who don’t qualify. In case you wonder, our sympathies are with them.)


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Scandalous Prospero!

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