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Algeciras animal shelter is not taking in any more ‘guests’

PerreraRinconcillo (Agencies) Further to our recent report on animal refuges being overwhelmed all over Spain, the Society for Protection of Animals and Plants of the Campo de Gibraltar, whose pound is at El Rinconcillo in Algeciras, has regretfully decided they can not take in any more dogs or cats until September because more are being brought in than adopted.>The society’s refuge was designed for 150 but now houses over 200. According to volunteers at the centre, this could be because the municipal dog catchers are not capturing as many strays as usual.

Aside from a lack of space, the Algeciras pound is very run down. It needs new roofing for the cages, for instance, and additional cleaning and treatment areas. Volunteer Paqui Borrego is asking for help. Anyone willing to offer a few hours’ work is welcome to improve conditions for their cats and dogs, which are handed over to adopting families fully vaccinated and chipped.

The society’s costs are covered almost exclusively by members’ fees and outside contributions. The only institutional help it gets is from the Mancomunidad de Municipios, which pays the water bills. Monthly costs are considerable: for example, they have to buy 1500 kilos of feed, plus medication and proper cleaning material to keep things in the best possible condition for their ‘guests’, not to mention, electricity, phones, etc.

Financial constraints, according to volunteer Eva García, prevent them from collecting animals. They have to ask for help from the municipal dog pound El Refugio or the Guardia Civil’s Seprona division.

You can help by becoming a member or making a contribution: click here for more information.

Here’s how to find them (click on pic for info in English):



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