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Tanker truck carrying nitric acid crashes at Taraguilla roundabout

AccidenteCamionCisterna_ES (Agencies) A lorry carrying 2,000 litres of nitric acid overturned on the La Rotonda roundabout, Km 115 on the main coast road (at the Jimena turnoff from Algeciras), at about 5pm yesterday, causing traffic chaos and an emergency operation involving the fire brigade, local police and Guardia Civil.>The driver was uninjured and the toxic material, still in its container, was removed to the cargo facilities beyond San Roque Estación without further incident.

Nevertheless, 70 residents of the area and the clients at the La Rotonda bar were evacuated as part of the precautionary procedure. The lorry, which was headed to the railway cargo area on the Jimena road, overturned when it was coming off the main road and onto the roundabout.

(Prospero comment: That turnoff is extremely dangerous as there’s not enough distance for a large heavy vehicle such as this to decelerate safely before reaching the roundabout.)


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  simon wrote @

Also that roundabout has a horrible reverse camber – must be a nightmare for bikers in the wet. Luckily we won’t have to use it much longer. Any news when the new bypass will be open?

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