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British horse woman accused of extreme negligence – again

Thin_abandoned (Agencies) Suzanne Jenkins, a British horse ‘enthusiast’ with a farm in Medina Sidonia, Cádiz, was taken to court in November last year for neglecting her horses. The animals were found in July of that year by various animal welfare organizations, to be extremely thin, several were dead. A year later, more of them have died and their situation is worse than before.>Those same organizations, Cacma, Agaden and Kimba are now accusing the administration of negligence as well. They have extended their original accusations to include an alleged case of animal maltreatment, which the Penal Code of Spain sets a prison sentence of three months to a year and being disqualified from keeping animals in the future.

Of the 52 horses that should have been on the Medina Sidonia farm last month, there were only 20. A spokesperson for Agaden said, “They were in an extreme condition because their owner doesn’t feed them. She literally leaves them to die.”

Apparently this farm has no animal exploitation permits, which is required to register the horses. These permits were denied her by Junta’s Council for Agriculture, which has now started proceedings against her for alleged irregularities that could mean fines of up to €60,000.

But the Council also allowed her time to take the horses elsewhere. “We want to know how the horses were moved, with what papers, since the original farm lacked any kind of permits and the animals were therefore not registered,” says Agaden. Permits are required to transfer any kind of farm animal from one place to another. The Council says the horses are now “in perfect condition and their new farm meets all requirements.” Not so, says Agaden.

Jenkins was disqualified in Britain last year and had 5 horses removed from her care.


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